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10 Tips to better photography

Add foreground interest to add depth
Use foreground interest to add depth
Use abstracts for interesting photographs
Use abstracts

Some tips for taking better photographs - which includes correcting some of the most common mistakes.

1. When photographing people, get down to their eye-level. This means kids too - get down to their height. Even if it means lying on the floor!

2. Don’t forget to turn the camera to take shots vertically if the picture warrants it. There’s a reason it’s called "portrait" you know.

3. Move closer to your subject. Too many photographs are taken from too far away. Don’t be afraid to fill the frame with whatever you are photographing.

4. Remember taking pictures with a digital camera there is a lag between the time the button is pressed and the picture is taken. Its easy to miss that perfect shot of the family pet!

5. Take time to figure out what you want to achieve with the photograph before taking it. Don’t just shoot and run. Remember to look closely at shapes and find the best location to take the picture from.

6. When taking pictures with flash, bounce it off the ceiling if you can and know how far it will travel.

7. Use a plain, uncluttered background if possible. If not, use a small aperture to throw the background out of focus.

8. Get out of direct sunlight. Take portraits in a shaded area to avoid high contrast photographs.

9. Remember the rule of thirds - move the focal point of the photograph away from the centre of the picture.

10. Make sure that the subject of your photograph is in focus. Too many shots are ruined by blurry subjects. When taking portraits, focus on the persons eyes.


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