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Early morning cobwebAperture is the device that controls the amount of light that gets through the lens to the film or sensor. The larger the number (ie. F22), the smaller the amount of light that is allowed through. This can also be described as the F-stop number.

Talking about Aperture can be a little confusing. A small Aperture actually means a large F-stop number (eg. F22). The “small” refers to the amount of light that is let through the lens. Similarly, the larger the Aperture, the smaller the number (F3.5, F2.8).

So if you wanted to take a photograph with a large amount of the photo in focus you would set an Aperture of say, F11 or greater. And if you wanted to blur the background of a photograph (an effective technique for Portraits), you would set an Aperture of F3.5.

Small Depth of Field  
Large Depth of Field
Large Aperture (F3.5)
Small Aperture (F13)


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