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Rule of ThirdsThe great thing about Composition is that there really are no rules. There are some guidelines, but really this is where the creativity of the photographer comes in.

One school of thought is called the Rule of Thirds. It’s a posh name for saying “move the object of the photo away from the middle”. Ideally, the object of focus of a photograph should be where any of the lines intersect. It adds for a more dynamic photograph and reduces the 2-dimensional feel of the picture and makes it more 3-D by drawing the eye into the scene. (See above).

However, there are times when for artistic reasons you may not want to employ the Rule of Thirds. This is fine, as long as the photograph warrants it.

Some more basic things to look out for might seem obvious here, but are so easily forgotten out in the countryside. Look for distracting items dragging your attention away from the focus of the picture, such as, Telegraph poles/wires etc which can completely ruin a good landscape.


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