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Sepia tone easily with photo editing softwareIt’s the great debate of our time – Digital Vs Film. But no matter what side of the fence we come down on, digital images are here to stay and are most definitely the way of the future for many of us.

While many purists are disgusted at the thoughts of leaving film behind, there are many advantages to shooting digital photographs.

There are no smelly chemicals or development tanks for one. And coupled with a home computer the adjustments and things that can be done would make those purists dizzy!

Redeye - Before
The ghastly redeye!
Redeye - After
Fix redeye easily with some Image editing software

Most image editing software on the market today will have automatic features built into them, such as Red Eye Removal, Horizon Straightening, Cropping, Colour Balance and so on.

You can enhance colours, make an image Black and White or add that “old” feeling by adding a sepia tone (see above) – all with a few clicks of the computer mouse.

Top of the pile of photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop, but its cost means that it is only likely to be bought by professionals. However, Adobe have addressed this and released trimmed down versions of the popular software.

But there are many more excellent programs on the market, and in some peoples opinion much easier to use than Photoshop. There are even some free ones on the internet!

Some of the big players are;

These can be bought for around €50 - €85 either online or at a good computer software shop.

However, there are some free versions of good software to be had on the internet. The most well known of these is Gimp (or Gnu Image Manipulation Program) and can be downloaded here (

Now Adobe have got in on this act too with Photoshop Express. It currently is only available to residents of the U.S., but plans are to release it to other countries soon. Have a look here

There are lots of options out there, at all levels of expertise – its just a case of finding one that suits you.


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