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Film Vs Digital

Photography purists will tell you that to manipulate a photograph to the extent of changing colours or removing unwanted items such as lamp-posts or even people is sacrilege to “proper” photography – which in essence is the recording of events as they occurred naturally.

Then there is the other side of the argument – that as an art form in itself, Photography can and should make use of every available tool to express itself – including computer manipulation.

Achieve a Sepia tone in a few easy clicks of a computer mouse!
achieve sepia tone easily with a click of the computer mouse

There is no discounting that digital photography has one large advantage – It’s a clean process. There are no smelly chemicals or development tanks. And being able to review a photo immediately without having to wait is definitely an advantage.

But then, some thrive on spending hours in the darkroom developing and printing, watching the “magic” of the photograph appearing on paper. Of course, maybe its my age!

There is something to say for taking photographs with an old manual camera and developing the Black & White negative in the darkroom, and then spend hours printing the perfect print.

But, this is nothing that cannot be done on a computer with a digital photograph. In fact, with good software, you can often do much more with a photograph, than you ever could in the darkroom of old.

Really it comes down to personal preference. But no matter what side of the fence you come down on, digital images are here to stay and are most definitely the way of the future for many of us.

Whichever form you choose to pursue, the end result is still the display of your creative expression.


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