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Interior Architecture PhotographyArchitectural photography can be a stunning subject if photographed correctly. And the added bonus is that its always there – and wont run off just as you hit the shutter button like the family pet!

Both exteriors and interiors come into this category and can be wide angle shots or close ups of a particular feature.

Any old, charming or striking building will make for a subject.

There are several ways to photograph buildings – put the building into context of it’s surroundings, or to crop and focus on a particular feature. The approach you choose will very much depend on the subject and what you are aiming to portray. In other words, what drew you to the building in the first place.

Lighting, as with all types of photography, plays an enormous part in Architectural photography. You can use early morning or late evening for that golden glow from the low sun, or how about that twilight time to achieve a night shot?

Also, look out for shadows that provide really interesting patterns and shapes.

If photographing very tall buildings, be aware of “convergence”. This is where the vertical lines of the building seem to converge nearer to each other as they approach the top of the building. You can correct this with very expensive Tilt and Shift lenses (see What Lens), or you can move further away from the building and photograph from a slight height if possible.

Night photography can make a drab building during daytime, really remarkable when taken after the sun sets. It adds mood and atmosphere to an otherwise lackluster photograph. (See How to take photographs at night).

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