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There are many different types of things for you to photograph and many of us will specialize in one or two of them and ignore the rest. But if you find yourself running out of ideas or needing a new challenge, read on.

An obvious one, and probably one that we have all tried. But perhaps try a variation on a theme – candid, studio portrait or outdoor portrait. Or how about featuring a particular person in their job? And if you really want to look old before your time, animals or children!

A sunset is a popular subject to photographLandscape
Another one that we all have probably tried at one time or another. After all, no self respecting photographer is without a sunset or two in the portfolio. Its so accessible that it makes an excellent subject.

A little bit of a specialty, this one. Wild birds are the most common, but if you feel up for excitement there are always trips to foreign countries for more exotic creatures. And don’t forget the Zoo – Some clever photography here can make it look like it’s the middle of Africa! Or just include the animal keepers during feeding time for interesting photos.

Perfect for out about town. Most of us have access to a city town, where we can find some beautiful old buildings and bridges. Other subjects include fountains, churches, city skylines and street scenes. Try cropping in close for fantastic abstract photos.

You can photograph sports without having to have access to Premier League matches or Wimbledon. There are plenty of sports teams about that would love the attention of a match photographer. Local GAA and soccer teams are a great place to hone the skills – and if the pictures are good enough, you may even sell a few!

You can give the most boring of subjects (usually buildings and the like) a fantastic facelift by photographing at night, provided they are well lit by street lights, moon, or other artificial lights. Shoot at dusk, using a tripod, when there is still some colour left in the sky for best results.

Special Occasions and Events
Family gatherings, such as weddings, Christmas and birthday parties are a great opportunity to photograph family members together, either posed or candid. Also, funfairs, carnivals, local theatre, and music venues make interesting backdrops for photography. Ask permission and be aware that flash photography may not be allowed.

Abstract Water DropletsGetting Artistic
There are many ways to “get arty” when it comes to taking photographs. Get in close to a subject and create an abstract image. Or capture light – rays and shadows can make wonderful patterns. Look for colours, patterns and reflections and remember to let the imagination run free!

Still Life
It might seem an easy form of photography, in that, it can be done without setting foot outside the door. But to take a quality photo of Still Life (flowers, fruit or other object) requires a very good understanding of light and subtle use of electronic flash. Its still well worth a try on those days that you cant get outside when the weather threatens to blow you away to Kansas.


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