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Waiting for the light

As we all know, good lighting will make or break a photograph, and what’s involved in getting that perfect light can be a long, drawn out experience. What I’m talking about here is shooting outdoor or using “available light”.

Sometimes you can wait for hours for that perfect light. Although, you can turn the odds in your favour if you know when the best light is likely to appear.

Sunset and the Golden HoursThe Golden Hours, or early morning and late evening, when the sun is low and golden are the best times to take pictures. This is why sunrise and sunset make beautiful pictures. The light at this time is warm in colour and it enhances features as it is low in the sky.

Midday, when the sun is high in the sky, is the worst time to take pictures as it produces harsh shadows and unflattering results. The light is also coming from directly overhead, and will place these hard shadows under people’s eyes and nose.

This is why it’s better to photograph people in shaded areas or under cloudy skies when the light is softer. If you cannot get the subject to a shady area and absolutely have to photograph in sunlight, try and use an electronic flash to fill in the shadows. This is called “fill flash”.

Very often the very best light arrives just as we are packing up the gear and heading back to the car after a long day in the countryside with all films used or memory cards full. Or we see it when we don’t have our camera with us.

It can be a frustrating thing waiting but when that perfect light arrives and we capture the emotive photograph of the scene in front of us, it can be the most rewarding pastime also.


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